Update on what we are focusing on.

Younger group- is still ball handling, dribbling,
passing. Development skills. A few skill concepts n application. Going well.

Older groups- we are focusing on 2 things.

-Recognizing who they are
-Toughness n Rebounding

First who am I: having the players acknowledge who they are, what they are good at n what they are bad at. Recognizing the truth about themselves sorta solves n clears up a lot of issues. Real BB coaches are going to see player issues. Now is the time to recognize, address, and fix those issues. This comes down to self pressure. Training now is about being called out, for good n bad. Now what are you going to do about it. Using their skill, IQ, fundamentals now matters n when they use it matters even more. Application is the key. I am now explaining the difference of being good n being lucky. Some are getting their feelings hurt but will get over it.

Toughness n Rebounding: I ask the players do they know why local boy teams don’t go far in playoffs in basketball? Answer not Tough Enough n Don’t Rebound, just like in football. Just leave out rebounding n Lakeshore football. Our local community is not a haven for top notch boys basketball. Ton of reasons but the two foremost is our boys are not tough enough n mostly because they don’t rebound. Our best players are guards n guards don’t rebound n soft guards definitely don’t rebound. We don’t have enough good bigs on a team to do damage. Top basketball teams have 1 thing in common. Tough defense n rebound with truly tough players. I use the example all the time with the players concerning the Saints. Top Offensive coach, generational QB n 1 Super Bowl. Reason no Defense. NE Patriots different story. Top Defensive coach, generational QB n a boatload of appearances n 5 or 6 championships. Defense n toughness wins.

I am letting the players know coaches in high school are looking for tough players- mentally n physically to guard n rebound. Each team has a scorer or two, the other 6-7 people that play in games have to defend n rebound. PERIOD….. schools don’t have 5 scorers, he’ll some at times don’t have 1 true one. The best teams in the state use defense to create their offense. So I am pounding into their skulls what tough n rebounding looks like. Easiest way to play in HS is be the teams best 2 or 3 defenders n rebound. That just take heart n desire. Something again a lot of kids don’t have. I am working on that. Self Recognition. As the players mature thru puberty they get tougher, if I can start that early then as they mature they are tougher than the rest- mentally n physically.

For the girls, same basic concept but local girl teams do better when they have a top guard. 1 top guard with good roll players can advance in playoffs. Difference is athleticism is not such a big deal for girls. A skilled girl player is far better than an athletic girl, in boys it is a smaller gap. Bad boy players that are athletic are still descent, bad girl athletic players are really really bad.

So when school tryouts start, my players should act n look different than others. That is the goal. A coach will recognize skill n effort, from there it is up to the player.

So bottom line if your child defends, rebounds n is not a cry baby with a boatload of excuses n can put the ball in the hole at an average clip he or she will be fine. Otherwise play a sport with less athletes.

Lastly I have had many players come to training with issues due to lifting weights at school n are in 7/8 gr. going into 9 grade. My advice tell your coach or trainer to drop dead. You are to young n most likely not trained properly to lift weights. Yes get stronger- do push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, planks whatever. Ya I know everybody say you need to do weights, that is because there are 5 trillion 400 hundred thousands trainers graduating college needing jobs n telling people their kid needs to get stronger. People creating demand. Start after Freshman year with your varsity coach.

And Second Lastly, those paying second half month please get September payments in. Thank you