Ok BUNCH of Stuff,

First off for those parents asking about a winter league, we are not having one. I encourage you as always to play at Pelican Park n Coquille. It is good confidence booster for your child, so they can see their improvements. Training n playing with me in a competitive environment, they don’t always see how much they have improved versus their friends. In addition it is good advertising for my business. Yes your child may foul out, as Rec departments call touchy baby fouls. I still want your child aggressively playing as this is how high school plays.

I do hope you continue to train with me as players have done in the past, just tell your coach you train with me n will play games with him or her. Sometimes games n training conflict but since I go 4 days a week you can come on alternative days if necessary. Missing my training for Rec training is not a positive move for development. Lastly drink before games n put duct tape over your mouth. Lol good luck.

Junior High and Team Tryouts-
will be starting soon which is why we have been scrimmaging more these past few weeks. You child should be ready.
If you child makes a junior high public school team 7th or 8th grade, congratulations. Yes you can still train with me. Tons have done it in past. I do skill, IQ, fundamentals etc as you know. Your junior high coach is putting together a team n building chemistry. Two different things going on. If your child does not make the team, continue training with me n make the school team next year. I do this every year. I have kids that never made a junior high team play n start in High School. Listen puberty matters in junior high, coaches select athletic, big, aggressive kids. Your kid may not be that, but puberty will happen n your child will be able to play in high school.

I say this every year- if your child is not one of the best three players on their 6,7,8 gr. team, quit n come train with me for 4 months. I will improve your child more than any one of those teams will. I promise you that. My focus is development while the coaches focus is on winning. That is their job.

If you have any questions on any team, text me n I will call back to discuss. To date I have already talked down 3 parents n talked with another 5 so far. This time of year I am a trainer n counselor.

Ok so what do we do for training from November thru January? As times have changed so many things I will train as normal, lol. Rec. Department n Junior High School Teams will be doing shortened seasons n limiting who they can play. I will train Monday thru Thursday. I will also scrimmage at my gym Saturday mornings. Continue day n times we are doing now and as I add players I will reassign some to different times.

Parents I will post a Try Out Date for my Local Travel AAU YBOA teams. That date will be in November. My travel teams are the same as always. Travel Gulf Coast, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Northshore. Teams are put together for development needs of players. Winning and SELF RECOGNITION of what the player needs are is the goal. Coaches will be myself, Ryan, Keith, Jim along with several local High School Coaches. We will start training in February n season will go thru June. Plays 2-3 weekends a month. I will train players n others will coach. I will have a parent meeting in January to answer questions. I will also have 3 of my players explain to parents what my program is as so many have such stupid ideas of what the goal is. My players will explain n detail their journey so parents with questions can better understand.

Speaking of players talking to parents about program, I want to thank Michael Cuccia, Grant Kemp and Evan Schexnaydre for coming and talking about their path to being the best players n leaders on their High School Teams. Not to slight others but these three all have one thing in common. No one really thought these three would achieve what they have in High School. Like I said above, early puberty n size was not their friend. But size only matters if you have poor guidance n are no good. These three let my current players see that do date, that they are still not tall n that doesn’t matter. Many of my players seem to think or others tell them size matters as they see friends growing more than them. I tell them all the time, don’t peak in 7 grade.
CONFIDENCE n TOUGHNESS is the key. N I will stuff those two down their throat if necessary, lol. I will post videos of my high schoolers talking to my current players. It was a great eye opener, as many parents have texted me back saying their child just put up their goals on paper in their rooms n push-ups , sit ups are a daily thing now. Lol.

As always you Parents are my best advertising along with your child, please share my business with friends n teammates. Thank you.

I will be do a Thanksgiving Camp, so please be on look out n tell your friends. 3rd grade thru 6th grade. Nov. 23,24,25. 9:00-12:00

I will be announcing next month about our new facility right next door. State of the art, professional facility, 5 courts, cafe, pro shop, offices, speed and agility along with 2 other local sports. As you can see it will be a very large facility with every amenity needed.

Lastly please look n see if you have venomed me your October fees, thank you. Charles