Nothing this Saturday at Kehoe due to Mardi Gras.

Training next week will resume as normal at Kehoe  except Tuesday at my gym.

Reminder to bring your ball to training at my gym n Kehoe.

I will contact many of you to start training at my gym on Monday, Tuesday Wednesday Thursday. Same times just my gym. The players at my gym will start training at Kehoe. We will rotate continuously as we train.

Lastly I want to wish a sad farewell to a Titan Family moving to California. The Parker Family, Amy Lyngstad Parker, husband Damien n their two sons, Sean and Denzel. The Parkers have been in our program for some 3 plus years. Sean n Denzel for those that don’t know them, they are exactly you want in kids and players. Respectful and outstanding basketball players, although at times I have wanted to strangle Denzel about 62 times. Sean is almost a perfect person. He has his hands full with Denzel., lol.

The Parkers leave this week, please help me wish me a farewell to a great Titan Family. Amy and Damien love you guys, good luck in California.