Guys and girls, this text is to let you know Friday at 7:00 I will have a former player talk to the boys at 7:00 till 7:30 at Kehoe. After that the older players will have open run. Others who attend to hear my guy talk can then go after his talk. My player is Harrison Prieto formerly of St. Paul’s. He is the exact reason I do what I do n how I do it. Your child needs to hear his story, what he went thru, what he thought. From really a ok kid to one of the states best his senior year then onto Florida’s State n being an ACC champion , to playing around the world. Your child’s story is no different. It may turn out different but your child is going thru the same struggles, doubts, conflicts, self doubt, semi successes Harrison went thru. Listen to how he managed thru it. He will talk from 7:00-7:30 ish. Well worth hearing trust me.
Parents are welcomed and encouraged to stay.