Couple Updates

We are restarting our Saturday Morning Beginner Basketball Clinic. Starts September 11, 9:00-10:15. Runs through October 30. 100.00 a month, last clinic was really nice and well attended. Focus is to introduce basketball skill, concepts n ease players into what basketball really is. Great intro before playing recreational n school basketball. Text me at 985-773-4185 to get registered.

I want to thank Harrison Prieto for his talk Friday at Kehoe and thank as well as those that attended. We had a great crowd. I had many parents with great questions afterwards. Many mentioned questions their child still had or were confused on. I will clarify a couple that popped up repeatedly.

Yes if your child get to 6’8 n you have been with me since 4th or 5th grade you will play basketball in college on a scholarship. I promise. Ok so your child won’t get to 6’8, we’ll do what Harrison did before mid way through his sophomore season. Grind, grind, grind n hang around and listen to good people. Not people blowing smoke up your skirt. If it works out, congratulations. If it doesn’t, you have no regrets. Size helps, skill helps, listening to good people helps, grinding n working and doing the best with what you have helps. If Harrison stopped growing in 8th grade at 6’2, he most likely goes to South Alabama n graduates last year. Still has a solid career at St. Paul’s n has no regrets. Like I said at the meeting, you don’t know if what you are doing is enough or if you made the right decision. All you can do is listen to good people n work. I never let Harrison think anything other than what he was doing was what was best for him. Even while his friends were having far greater success in 6th, 7th, 8th grade. They were athletic not basketball players. I do basketball players, athleticism n puberty come in time.

Second question how do I handle my child if basketball is all her or she dreams of. Give them the best opportunity to succeed, be honest with them n find a program that suits your child n expectations. I can help in those areas. But your child’s coach should inspire them to greater heights. The program should meet your expectations for your child. If not transfer. Not all coaches are good, neither are all players. Don’t play on a team where the coach has a child on it, never ever good. New coaches have good traits n bad traits, older coaches the same. Always have your child talk issues out with coaches first, parents discussion are last option, sometimes you have to face realty n your child is maybe just not good enough. No letters to coach or school. May just be a role player, a bench player or ceilings may be junior varsity, 9th grade team or 8th grade team. Just don’t have any regrets.

THANK YOU to those have responded to my request for help in sponsoring players. Goal was 5k n we have raised 4K. Any bit helps. N I promise no donut drops, card sales, mattress push, raffles, etc, etc, etc. lol. Again thank you.

I am continuing to move players around for training and Saturday training games. Will be done in a week or two. Thanks for your cooperation, it is best for our players development.

Reminder this is the last half month for those paying on the 15th n later in month.