Couple things:

Now that we are settling into school routines, several parents have texted with issues. Just text me n I will call to see about options. Remember this is training. each hour, each day is doing almost the same drills, fundamentals, skill etc. what changes each hour are my demands, expectations n my charming personality on them. So we can change as needed. We can work around The soccer nazi coaches, perpetual all white year round Major League Baseball n softball for 10 yr olds, Religion classes, etc, etc, etc. I have a bunch new players asking as well as some regulars asking. So if there is a conflict, there is a solution.

There are two flier I am posting for registration, please re post on your pages, send to friends etc. you are my best advertising. Last night I got a new player going into 10 th grade. 6’2 athletic played recreation ball only, never heard  of me, dad is 6’3 or better. This kid needed me 5 yrs ago.

Thank you to those who have financially donated to my 501c3   to help offset players not able to pay full fees. Of the 5k goal, I have received 2500.00. Some have donated 100.00 to 1,000.00 dollars to just paying 150.00 a month extra for several months. Anything is appreciated. You can go back on last Thursday post n read more.

For those doing beginner basketball just text me 985-773-4185. We get started September 11. $100.00 a month