I want to take this time to thank 3 of my players for taking time out of their schedule to come and talk to my younger players these past two weeks. Michael Cuccia FHS, Grant Kemp Hannan, and Evan Schnexnaydre from SPS. This time of year is when players find out if their hard work has paid off in making school teams and seeing if they have gotten better than their teammates.

What I did this year was to bring in players that look a lot like the players I have now. N talk to the younger players about their journey to being highly successful players in High School. Players n parents alike think sometimes my kid will never make it. Those other kids are bigger, faster, meaner, etc than my kid and my kid will always be secondary. Let me tell you these 3 I had talk were small, soft, weaker etc than a lot of others I had n these 3 are the best of their high school teams. As a parent you don’t really believe it will change, but it does. Puberty n training matter, properly done those two facets succeed. Now is your child going to be the best on the team, maybe so, maybe not. But making the team, playing n enjoying the sport is the goal. Anything extra is gravy. These three are in gravy n have been for sometime. Michael has been on varsity n playing as a freshman. Grant and Evan as Sophomores.

Why did I bring in these 3 to talk? They were smaller as young people players, they were weaker as young players, I don’t think their parents ever envisioned the players they would be become so early in high school. My players looked at these three n could relate. None of these 3 are over 5’10 n they all told their stories of training with me. Not winning a ton, not being put on teams with their friends, playing with different players weekly, not getting their way, me not caring what they wanted, etc, etc, etc.

My goal in training is to create a different gear in your child, one of me against the world if it needs to be that way. These 3 players all experienced that- me against another team. My challenge to them was shut up n play your guts out. Be the leader- making your teammates better, be the rebounder, be the scorer, be the coach, be the person who decides how the game will go. At the end your gave it everything you had. See you at training Monday. A Good friend gave me a new term- LAWNMOWER PARENT- a parent who cuts Down all obstacles for their kid. That is absolutely stupid, I create obstacles daily for your child n challenge them to overcome them in games n training. Self identification of issues create better players. I identify your child’s issues. Tell them this is a journey, the best players in 4,5,6,7 grade are not always the best in 8,9, and so on. Puberty n training have a say.

Best part of these 3 are their parents. Not once did any of them question me or my methods, they trusted I had their sons best interest at heart, I was truthful with them when I did talk with them. In fact one mom still basically cries when we talk of her son n his career. She always thought I was setting him up for failure. She never thought he would reach this level of success. I woul tell her after we both cried, shut up- sit down, he will be fine. Get back to your job. She did n even if her son would have not achieved his level of success he would still be one hell of a young man. I run a program not a you pay me n tell me what you want. You pay me and I make player out of your child and help you in raising your child. Different level of player based on a ton of factors but good kid, without a doubt. My players after talk could see themselves in Grant, Evan n Michaels shoes. This is about commitment n dreams.

I have been doing this for 20 years, teams, dads n programs come and go. There is nothing I have not seen n I can forecast the outcome before it starts. Trust what I do, how I do it n what the outcome will be.

The new facility will change everything about basketball in this area. Local High School Coaches will be involved n the different types of full time training will amaze you.

Michael, Grant, Evan thank you and parents as well.