Tonight open run for high school group is from 7:00-9:30 for both groups.

I have texted those playing Saturday at Kehoe.

I will be texting parents this weekend to move players around on days n times. I do this to replace the players as they progress or need certain skills they are lacking.

As a reminder I do not need to know if you can’t attend a training class. Not a problem. Also you are either in or out. Lately I am getting increasingly more players coming off n on. Not a problem but thinking you are paying only for the times you come is stupid. I can’t operate that way. If you child comes to a session you are responsible for the month. I have one parent of a beginner doing this Only because of circumstances n that she is really good. I train the players that come. You wonder why your kid is wishy washy, look in the mirror. Soft parents soft kids. You make my job harder.

Lastly I don’t do fundraisers, cookie sales, car washes, donut drop offs, etc.

you can thank me later.

To that effort I have a request n yes I have been told this is the wrong approach but I don’t do things like others. I have an issue. I am getting more players in need of financial assistance to train. Those that know me, know I am not turning down a kid. Issue now is I have limited space n numbers. I am looking to raise 5k to help parents n players throughout the year. I am not letting players come free, they will just pay a reduced rate. This way I can help more become part of our program. So, some of you have too much money n instead of drinking yourself to death or eating yourself into obesity in your 5th vacation, Donate to this cause. I have a 501c3 number to make it tax deductible. It will make you feel better. N keep you from making spaghetti dinners to sell.

Thanks, Me