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If you go to St. Paul’s or Hannan or Any private school, you may have to deal with wealthy parents paying for the child’s success in sports. Happens all the time all over. If you have a question ask me, I will tell you yes or no n how to handle it. Sometimes it is minor n will go away n not worth getting into n sometimes it will not go away n you may need to take some kind of action. Last thing you want or I want is a player to lose confidence over something they have no control over. Listen it happened to me, not financial thou, my coach was dating a mom of a teammate, he wasn’t that good n he played n was pushed as if he was the best. Very confusing when you are in 9th grade n you know he is not any good but yet he is playing. It happens but there are solutions. I wish I had someone to discuss my situation with.
Time change for Tuesday n Thursday classes.
6:00 – intermediate players
7:00- 6,7,8 grade
I will move players. For those who already come at 6:00 on T/Th you will now be 7:00. This starts next week.
With the above being said, now that we are into school n recreation ball there is a make up time for everyone now. I have players playing Rec and school ball still training. Always have. Your teams are doing chemistry, you still need to keep your skills up n developing.
Parents now that Baseball, Soccer n football is coming to an end please share my business with friends looking to get into basketball. I greatly appreciate the help.
-February thru Mid June
-Relatively cheap compared to other sports, 150.00 for training a month, 35-50.00 uniform, game or tourney fee with split among players.
-local travel nothing out of state. BR, NO, Gulfcoast, Hammond
– teams have 8-9 players, players play up n down in grade based on what the player needs development in. I change team players frequently to force skill development n expose to player what their personal needs are.
-teams are built to develop: leaders, alpha’s, confidence, toughness.
-players will play in games not ride bench. I want players to be the alpha, carry the team, be the reason team wins or losses. Develop accountability n desire to get better.
– I will train all players, I will have several other coaches as well as me take teams out on Saturday to play. All experienced coaches with understanding of what I am trying to accomplish.
-not life or death, if you have a conflict. Not a problem. I can replace your child for that Saturday. Be ready the following week.
I will have 9 teams: Boys 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8, 8/9, 9/10. Girls 5/6, 7/8, 9/10
Your teams will play 2-3 times a month. Girls will play mostly on boys teams as I see fit. Rarely will girls play on just girl teams, they will play on boys teams in their skill grade. I don’t do girls basketball.
Parents I know you may have a friend your child wants to play with, on rare occasions I will work with you. Your child n his or her friend don’t have the same needs, so they most likely will be on different teams working on their own personal needs. Not being an ass about your wants but this is my business n your child’s development in skill n confidence Is my most important thought. Not making you n your child happy.
Thanksgiving Camp: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 9:00-1:00, 90.00
Grades 3rd- 6th. I need a couple helpers. Please share with friends
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